Back up the cloud with Barracuda

A cybersecurity tool with the same name as a ferocious, predatory tropical fish has got to mean business, right?

Much like its bloodthirsty namesake, Barracuda clamps down on cyber threats with razor-sharp precision. It provides a host of solutions for email protection, application and cloud security, network security, and data protection that are easy to buy, deploy and use.

Let’s break them down, shall we?

Email Protection

Did you know that 91% of targeted cyber attacks start with an email? What starts as an accidental link click can end in interrupted business operations, a tarnished reputation, and significant financial damage. Ouch.

Barracuda safeguards your organisation against such threats. Thanks to multiple layers of protection, it forms a forcefield around all aspects of your email infrastructure including gateway defence, email resiliency, fraud protection, and user security awareness.

What’s more, Barracuda protects against all 13 email threat types, from spam and ransomware to socially engineered threats such as spear phishing, business email compromise, and account takeover.

Barracuda and Office 365

Crucially, Barracuda bolsters Office 365 security. Many organisations rely on Office 365 as it’s cost-effective, enhances productivity and allows users to store all files in the cloud.

However, this means that users are often lulled into a false sense of security about the safety of their sensitive data. In fact, Microsoft makes it clear that they only ensure the availability of the service, not the backup and recovery of your data.

As you own the data, you are solely responsible for protecting it. And with cloud cyber attacks on the rise, all it takes is one successful hacker to bring down everything residing in your cloud infrastructure.

A ‘nightmare scenario’ is an understatement.

This is where Barracuda comes into its own. Thanks to Cloud-to-Cloud Backup*, it provides fast backup and flexible restore capabilities for your Office 365 email and data in a matter of minutes.

The FBI’s number-one recommendation to help protect against ransomware and malware attacks is to have a solid backup of your data. Need we say more?

*Cloud-to-Cloud Backup protects Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive for Business data by backing it up directly to Barracuda Cloud Storage. Cloud-to-Cloud Backup for Office 365 can be used as an add-on to on-premises Barracuda Backup devices or as a standalone subscription.

Network Security

Next-level firewalls? Barracuda’s got you covered.

Its cloud generation network firewalls are the industry’s first purpose-built solutions for cloud connected, on-premises, and hybrid networks. Barracuda takes care of all your users, applications, and data - regardless of what your infrastructure looks like.

It ensures secure and reliable connections among multiple sites on premises and the cloud with pricing based on usage, which saves you money on infrastructure costs.

Data Protection

When it comes to data protection, Barracuda ticks every box. Thanks to its comprehensive approach, it’s easier than ever to protect your business from data loss and theft.

Data can be backed up to any location including the public cloud - removing the need to purchase and manage backup solutions from multiple vendors. All backed up data is replicated to the secure Barracuda cloud with unlimited storage.

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