Business & Innovation Mag: Battle test your cyber skills at Core to Cloud event: Register your free place – Robots: Because cybersecurity is not dangerous enough – 16th June

Phil Howe, Chief Technical Officer at Core to Cloud, discusses the upcoming Robots event on 16th June 2022 in Cirencester, which challenges participants to test their cyber security knowledge and skills should they ever face a real cyber-attack.

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The Core of IT V4

Core to Cloud partners with Illumio

Core to Cloud partners with Illumio to stop breaches from spreading in the event of a cyber-attack

Building my business with James Cunningham

Building my business; with James Cunningham CEO of Core to Cloud How did the business start, and can you tell us about the growth of Core to Cloud since then? My business partner, Mark Liddle, and I launched Core to Cloud in 2015. At the time, we had over 30 years of...


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