Investigating the darkest corners of the cyber underworld... 

Are you aware of the activity on the dark web and what it means to your business? We can help you stay ahead of potential attackers by continually monitoring the dark web, providing you with real-time alerts on cyber threats and targeted intelligence based on your business, this will help you make more informed decisions on how to protect your business. Sound good?

"The cost of cyber security attacks on UK businesses is estimated to be £27 billion"

Core to Cloud uses advanced technology to detect and prevent cybercrime.

Our system provides prompt alerts and takes necessary actions to safeguard you from harm. Our cutting-edge tools give you an advantage over attackers while ensuring your anonymity remains secure.

We keep track of current activities, potential risks, and illegal markets dealing with company and personal data. We notify you in real-time about threats against your organization and provide a weekly digest report to help you further protect your organization.

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The benefits of our dark web monitoring service?

Key points:

  • Be alerted to Cyber Threats or targeted intelligence against your organisation.
  • Check for compromised credentials, servers, or accounts sold on the black market.
  • Stay informed if any of your systems or servers have been reported as compromised on the dark web.
  • We investigate to uncover any exposed info about your organisation, including email addresses, IP addresses, and credentials. We also search for related phrases in instant messaging and other sources.
  • Receive dark web intelligence reports giving you insights on current threats and the background and detail you need to know.


The risks and challenges we face in today’s digitalised world.

Organisations need new technologies and services to detect cyber threats and reduce risk. This includes spotting exposed data, expediting incident response, and profiling threat actors.

Evolving cyber threats

When data from the cyber crime world is leaked, it can become the starting point for an attacker to target an organisation. This can result in various types of attacks, including Business Email Compromise, Server Compromise, or Data Exfiltration. There are increasingly more individuals with malicious intentions, ranging from amateur "basement hackers" to highly organised criminal groups, who are buying and selling company access, data, and account information to extort money and cause chaos.

Wondering what can be done?

To enhance security, enterprises need a layer of protection that monitors underground operations while maintaining anonymity. This allows for quick action to prevent potential attacks.

Stay ahead of the criminals using the dark web by using our monitoring service.

How we alert you

Threat Intelligence Reports:

All the threat Intelligence data to keep your finger on the pulse of the dark web.

Organisational Specific Alerts:

Through our Cyber Crime Underground Monitoring service gain the confidence that you have a window into the Cybercrime world 24/7 and get alerted to:

  • Leaked Credentials
  • Breached Servers
  • Compromised Accounts
  • Cyber Crime Discussions
  • Targeted Intelligence

Custom Searches:

Find out organisational-specific Information from the Dark Web around email addresses, specific services, phrases, IP’s, IOC’s and more.

Ease of Deployment

There’s no need to purchase or install any specific technologies or agents across your environment.

We’ll work with you to identify the monitoring requirements you need.

Why choose this service?

  • You can gain a better understanding of the threats posed by cyber crime underground activity and make more informed decisions on how to protect themselves.
  • You can use the insights provided to take action that reduces the risks of data theft, lack of compliance and the financial impact of ransomware attacks.
  • Improve the level of business confidence with your supply chain and partners.

Dark Web Monitoring Compromised Accounts Detection Report

Custom Searches - Reassuring your organisation-specific enquiries

We allow for 8 searches per month or 100 averaging over the year's contract.

Want to learn more about how we can help protect your data?

Our team will detect and report any breached servers, leakages of credentials and compromised accounts and much more.

‘Sandwell & West Birmingham were looking to gain visibility on its assets being offered for sale on the Dark Web. We were already investigating a similar product with another supplier when we were made aware of Core to Cloud's services in this area and, as a current customer, requested more information on what it entailed and its capabilities/scope. After deciding this was what we were looking for we went ahead and began using the service.

It immediately provided us with intelligence we were able to use, securing credentials that had been compromised but were not yet publicly visible through normal channels. This information gave us the ability to remediate and secure them before they could be used as an attack vector against our network.'

Sandwell & West Birmingham NHS Trust

5 Key Things About This Service
1. Alerts around a customers specific environments.
2. Highlight Reports on the dark markets and cyber crime underworld using our unprecedented access.
3. We can search the dark web without alerting attackers to your organisation.
4. Backed by industry experts with years of experience in threat intelligence who we can call upon.
5. Keep your company out of the attackers eye by using covert surveillance monitoring.

Dark Web Monitoring Service Terms and Conditions

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