Health Business: How Can the NHS prepare for a possible WannaCry 2?

Mark Liddle, Core to Cloud’s Chief Operations Officer, and Richard Staynings, Cylera’s Chief Security Strategist discuss the challenges of protecting our NHS and healthcare system against the real-world threat of cyber-attacks as the NHS continues to strive to digitally transform, and how their partnership with Royal Bolton Hospital will allow the detection of real-time threats and mitigate risks to IOT medical devices.

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How can organisations survive the phishing pandemic?

Laurence Bentley, Head of Cyber Security at Core to Cloud, explains what you need to do.

Cirencester Business Awards at Ingleside House

AN EXCITING awards ceremony took place on Friday to recognise the great work of independent businesses across Cirencester. Cirencester Chamber of Commerce held their annual business awards presentation at Ingleside House, situated in Beeches Road, Cirencester, on...


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