Key areas to protect: Remote working for the future

Zapier, Google, Twitter… carving a futuristic path by closing their offices, for good!
Having experienced the financial and emotional benefits to remote working, many employers are considering a more flexible future that supports a lot more freedom of movement. With the lockdown forcing companies to explore their remote working capabilities, many have found it to be more productive, more fulfilling and a fairly streamlined transition.

Going forward, what do companies need to pay close attention to if they’re going to have a successful remote future?

Video Conferencing

Secure video conferencing is vital. With screen shares and data exchanges happening over third-party conferencing software, companies must ensure that their endpoints are secure. Similarly, all networks need to be assessed for any weaknesses, whether their company owned or in an employees home. Vectra has created a page of resources for remote workers, including the offer to use Vectra for free. A comprehensive provider, such as Vectra, can ensure that your employees are protected wherever they’re calling from, eliminating the risk of a breach at either end of the call.

File Sharing

No matter how you choose to do it (whether it’s DropBox, GDrive etc.), file sharing must be a priority when it comes to shoring up your remote security. This can start with endpoint protection and progress to a full cloud encompassing service.

More attention needs to be paid to who is accessing which folders and files, if they aren’t being accessed on-premise.

VPN networks

Using a VPN can help to further protect your network and help to identify and correlate any unknown hosts by name and activity time. This information, along with the identification of the VPN IP pool, will help an analyst identify unknown user devices efficiently.

Vectra is designed to protect your network inside the perimeter. Traditional perimeter solutions, such as firewalls, are useless if the treat enters the network. With remote working, it can be easier for threats to come from within the network – rendering external type security ineffective. Vectra is constantly accessing and monitoring what’s going inside the network, picking up on anolmolies and alerting users to unusual behaviours and patterns.

In our latest ebook, Securing Your Future, we’ve explored the how and the who’s needed to keep remote working, safe, productive and reliable. You can download it here, or check out our earlier ebooks.

The Core to Cloud team is always on hand to discuss your specific goals for your secure future. Give us a call and let’s talk about how you can use trusted vendors like Vectra.

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