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How can we help you further with our services? We proudly work alongside incredible businesses and their talented IT teams. Supporting teams with their transformation and resolving the problems around Visibility, Validation, Governance, Control and Response

What do we have to offer?

Cyber Threat Intelligence service by Core to Cloud

Discover any potential security vulnerabilities in your business with our Gap Analysis aligned to CIS Framework Controls.

Cyber Threat Intelligence service by Core to Cloud

We provide cyber threat intelligence monitoring, alerts, and insights to protect your business from potential threats.

Cyber Threat Intelligence service by Core to Cloud

Speed up your third-party assessments and eliminate manual questionnaires with a strong defense against potential threats.

Proactive threat research, incident response, threat hunting & optimisation are delivered around the clock by our security team.

An immersive crisis simulation to build cyber resilience across people, processes, and technology. Put your team to the test.

We are always developing new offerings for our customers. If you want to join our R&D process, check out the Coresaders Club here...

How we bring value

We created our services with these key values

​We create a full-stack service, meaning you get a comprehensive security solution.

Excess data can be overwhelming, leading to missed security threats. Our services cut through the noise.

Partnering is the most cost-efficient way and gives you access to expert knowledge and peer experience.

Partnering with CTC’s services means you can focus your resources on your business priorities.

​24/7/365 Monitoring is critical in the protection of an organisation's data.

Why do security teams struggle?

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The Coresaders Club is an elite network of IT Professionals who take cyber security seriously, we value our growing community and believe peer-to-peer discussion is crucial in addressing security threats.

By joining the club, not only will you gain access to our valuable services, but your expertise and participation will help make them even more effective in protecting you and your customers. Your involvement is crucial to the successful launch and continued evolution of our offerings.

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