Why is it important to have strategies to protect your businesses information?

Backup strategy isn’t something to focus on just one day of the year. It should be a part of your cyber hygiene. Microsoft recommends you use a third-party backup for your Office 365 data. Here our top tips to protect your businesses data.

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  • What is the importance of a data backup?
  • What data should we be backing up?
  • What are best practises when it comes to back up?
  • Where have our customers had challenges?
  • Why is ease of use so important?
  • What areas of office 365 do we need to be backing up?
  • When considering a back solution cloud native is essential?
  • In the current landscape why is flexibility and email protection important?
  • How can we better be protecting our data going into 2022?


Host: Phil Howe & Kelly Allen

Guest Speaker: Charles Smith from Barracuda

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