Protecting credentials, protects data.

In the age of data theft, we’re very focused on building secure structures and processes around the housing in which our data is stored. What Stealthbits points out is that it’s not just about the data storage being safe… it’s about the safety and security of the credentials that supply access to it.

Data security relies on the security of Active Directory. The security of Active Directory relies on the security of the desktop and server infrastructure.

Stealthbits is the only vendor that offers a three-prong solution:

  • Data Access Governance - Reduce data access and permissions to appropriate levels.
  • Active Directory Security - Manage and secure Active Directory – the mechanism that supplies access to all your data.
  • Privileged Access Management - Control privileged activities and delegate administrative access safely.

By removing inappropriate data access, enforcing security policy, and detecting advanced threats, this highly innovative and infinitely flexible platform delivers real protection that reduces security risk, fulfills compliance requirements, and decreases operational expense.

This layered approach has the benefit of protecting data, credentials and systems in one solution - reducing using access, keeping the Active Directory clean and secure, and assessing systems for misconfigurations and vulnerabilities.

Why is this so important now?

More so than ever, the credentials with which we access data are under threat. With data being accessed from new devices and unsecure devices, credentials are easy to steal - in turn, putting the entire data structure at risk.

To learn more about Stealthbits and how it can protect your credentials and data, check out our latest podcast episode.

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