SentinelOne, the future of AV and EDR Technology

Let’s take a trip back in time….

 The history of AV and EDR technology is fraught with obstacles and adversity. The first generation of this technology, the old legacy antivirus solutions, were actually people-powered. This meant they were incredibly inefficient, prone to human error and were difficult to scale within growing organisations.

IT personnel and teams would have to patch vulnerabilities manually…. which is why this technology then moved into its second generation. This was based on cloud-based monitoring. This newer version boasted the ability to give you more information about attacks, quicker. Things were still on a go slow, as the reliance on ‘reactive response’ meant that it could still take hours to create the battle plan against the identified attack.

An improvement, but still not powerful or quick enough.

However, all is not lost.

 SentinelOne is a third generation EDR/XDR solution that doesn’t rely on the cloud. Yes, you read that right. It is completely automated and can discover and react within seconds to any issues or threats it finds.

It sits, like a bodyguard, looking after the machines within your network ready to act and protect. Its automated AI capabilities also mean that it is a highly effective front-line solution.

So why do we choose SentinelOne over other EDR/XDR technology?

It has a 100% Ransomware Prevention Record

A 100% record is an amazing achievement. With a 100% success rate when it comes to stopping ransomware in its tracks it is a powerful choice for your IT landscape. For example if SentinelOne had been in place within certain networks, WannaCry would have never have happened.

It has a great storyline…

SentinelOne’s Storyline feature consolidates and makes it easy to understand what is happening in real time within your network. Everything within this piece of technology is designed to make your life easier by taking away the time for a SOC team to respond to issues or triggers, as it does it all for you.

 It keeps an eye out for you and would be able to see attempted ransomware attacks as they are happening due to the access and targeting of files as it observes every process that is happening on your machine. This higher level of visibility and quicker response mechanisms all serve to keep you as protected as possible, which is why SentinelOne is redefining cybersecurity.

 Did you ever want to roll back time?

We are sure we have all thought about this at some point. The instant rollback and recovery feature (1-clock recovery) can save you and any IT security team’s time.

 Network Visibility

Do you know how many devices are connected to your network? SentinelOne does! It looks at every IoT device that is connected to your network and tells you if it is secure. It can give you a full lowdown of what is connected, even those unexpected devices. SentinelOne can run on pretty much anything no matter the age of the device which is a great option for organisations such as the NHS.

Alongside the above, you have the opportunity to extend the detection and responses to other vendor platforms, allowing for seamless integration within your current landscape.

If you’d like to learn more about SenintelOne, get in touch with a member of our technical team today! Contact us here: Contact Us - Core To Cloud


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