Southwest business insider e-mag: New threats breed new opportunities

Core to Cloud’s Mark Liddle featuring in a round table discussion at the University of Gloucestershire Park campus on the ways in which cybersecurity companies, academics and economists can explore the nature of cyber risk in businesses today.

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The Core of IT V4

GB News: Richard Staynings on GB News National TV – Friday 18th March

Chief Security Strategist, Richard Staynings featured on GB News National TV discussing the likelihood of Putin’s warfare turning to their cyber capabilities to coerce and bully their adversaries, and what the rest of the world need to do to be ready should Russia...

A Potential Threat in any Language: ChatGPT & Bard

Laurence Bentley, the Head of Cybersecurity at Core to Cloud, has discussed the potential risks posed by AI chatbots, ChatGPT, and Bard, to businesses. These chatbots have gained a lot of attention lately due to their advanced natural language processing models....


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