The Cloud Platform that prioritises protection

Lacework is a data-driven platform that gives you the who, what, why, when and where of an abnormality within your organisation. All without you having to ever input a single rule. This platform is chosen by cloud leaders due to its innovative integrations and use cases.

It is time to “Embrace cloud clarity across the full spectrum of security” – Lacework

During build time, it has your back by securing you from the first line of code created. Allowing you to gather insights quickly allowing for a shorter build time, and saving your organisation time and money, whilst confidently creating an outcome that is secure for the client or end user.

When you remove these siloes of wasted money and time and can clearly see within a single view within this platform risks the positive impacts start to compound. A lowering of cost spent on unnecessary tools, less human error and more seamless communication are just some initial positive changes you will experience.

A win/win situation.

During runtime, you have a level of transparency and understanding of your Cloud that is unprecedented. Allowing you to highlight and tackle risks and vulnerabilities before they become a problem. You can also actively lower the time that is taken to analyse all the data that could be a threat and focus only on those that need your attention.

Alert fatigue is real. The never-ending stream of alerts that all seem to need the same level of input become a thing of the past. Lacework learns what really needs your attention and allows you to focus on the areas and vulnerabilities within a priority system.

Again. A win/win situation.

The power of this platform lives within its ability to constantly keep learning, its thirst for knowledge and understanding gives you additional options to ensure security within your cloud-based systems. When you can take away the guessing regarding security and begin to solve problems efficiently you create better outcomes for your organisation.

Here are some key things worth noting about this platform

  1. You can really get to grips with what is in your cloud. From your applications, and services, to your users and your networks.
  2. The more data you provide, the quicker it can learn and discover key behaviour patterns within your organisation.
  3. The patented Polygraph technology can alert you quickly to vulnerabilities that are above your baseline, meaning you get there first and can stop issues in their tracks.

This powerful platform also has great integration potential, with support for AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Kubernetes. This allows you to better align and understand your security across your organisation's processes and platforms, connecting the need to understand and secure your vulnerabilities.

A powerful platform, that can’t wait to learn about you.

If you’d like to learn about Lacework and the possibilities it can bring to you, or your organisation then please get in touch with one of our team members! [Contact us]

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