An office with history, the new home of CTC!

We have been working on something incredibly special….

As well as ensuring we are at the forefront of cybersecurity and compliance at Core to Cloud we have also been renovating our new home! A beautiful castle, with a wonderful history.

We are very privileged to be situated in a Victorian castle. Yes, you read that right. We now occupy The Barracks in Cecily Hill. A Grade II listed building that feels like the right place for us to fight cybercrime and open up the world of cybersecurity and compliance.

Why are we telling you this you may wonder…

This new office HQ is the latest in milestones for Core to Cloud. Our place as a growing Cyber Security specialist would not exist without the extremely talented team that we have, and we wanted to create a working environment that allowed us to continually grow.

After all, the office we work within we spend over half of our working life within, so why not make it a Castle?

The Castle allows us to encourage collaboration, and to really allow for an open-door policy that ensures our team feel supported and acknowledged. One of our biggest values hinges on ensuring our team, partners and customers are looked after, and our new HQ will move this forward in leaps and bounds.

We have some exciting news for you…

We want to invite you to the Grand opening of our new HQ! Yes, you are invited to the Castle! We are hosting the largest S-Com event ever and opening our doors. As well as developing and serving those within cyber security, we are passionate about building a community that brings everyone who is “cyber curious” together.

This means that anyone who is interested in cyber security and compliance is welcome, as we want to create pathways and links within our networks.

What is S-COM?
For the sake of our pride, we are going to pretend that you all know anyway… but just in case here is what it is!

S-Com is Core to Clouds Security Conference with a difference. It is being held this year at our new HQ on the 17th of November from 9 am till 5. 30pm followed by an official opening of the castle and behind-the-scenes tours from 6 pm.

During the event, there will be 15+ speakers divulging their experiences within Cyber Security and sharing their journeys within this sector. Some of the speakers are Neil Martine from Formula 1, Ryan Surry from Intaso and Jamie Bartlett from The Daily Telegraph.
Alongside this, there will be the opportunity to attend crisis simulators and attack workshops where you can go up against fictional scenarios that prepare you for real word security attacks.

If this doesn’t take your fancy you can take a stroll through our exhibitions, meet some of our vendors, take part in Industry-specific talks or grab the first experience of our VR demos.

We wanted to create an experience that blew the stereotypes of cyber security out of the water and made way for a new generation within this sector. We can’t wait for this event!

If you’d like to learn about our S-Com event on the 17th November 2022, check out our event page:

The Core of IT V4

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