Building my business with James Cunningham

Building my business; with James Cunningham

James Cunningham: CEO at Core to Cloud Ltd

CEO of Core to Cloud

  1. How did the business start, and can you tell us about the growth of Core to Cloud since then?

My business partner, Mark Liddle, and I launched Core to Cloud in 2015. At the time, we had over 30 years of experience in the IT service provider sector between us. We understood the developing needs of businesses seeking IT and cybersecurity support, how the challenges were changing and where we felt businesses and organisations weren’t currently getting the protection and help they needed.

We work closely with all our clients to fully understand their digital estates and unique needs. Every business is different. The technical team and I are constantly researching the market for the latest vendor innovations and technologies. Our first-to-market approach has seen us launch exciting new offerings to the UK over the last 8 years, many of which have gone on to be some of the fastest growing vendors globally.

Since day one, Mark and I have always ensured that we grow Core to Cloud at an ambitious but sustainable pace, ensuring we maintain the quality of service that we are renowned for. We have established ourselves as a trusted consultant, providing sound, reliable and assured advice to our clients. This USP remains our key focus.

It’s obvious to say that we were a small team when we set out, but we have grown as we have needed to. As we have entered new markets and sectors, we have ensured that we have top industry experts in-house to provide the best advice and solutions to the exact needs and requirements of our clients. Our team understand the sectors our clients work in, the challenges they face, and the best technologies to help keep them secure.

Our turnover growth has remained consistent for the last 5 years or so, growing 100% year on year, and our team has expanded from 18 to 40 full-time members of staff over the last year, and this is growing every month. As our client base has grown, so have we, and last year we moved our headquarters to the Castle in Cirencester. We recently completed a refurbishment of the building and have created a fantastic collaborative environment for our team and customers to enjoy.

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