Core to Cloud Partners with Panorays to Protect Businesses from Supply Chain Compromise

Core to Cloud partners with Panorays to bring third party risk management.

Cirencester, 11th December 2023 – Core to Cloud, a leading provider of cybersecurity services and solutions, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Panorays, a renowned third-party risk management platform. This collaboration will empower businesses to bolster their cybersecurity posture, streamline vendor risk assessments, and ensure the integrity of their supply chain.

In today's interconnected digital landscape, businesses rely on a vast network of third-party vendors and service providers to deliver products and services efficiently. While this ecosystem provides numerous advantages, it exposes organisations to cybersecurity risks. Core to Cloud's partnership with Panorays aims to address these challenges by offering a comprehensive, automated, and efficient solution for managing third-party risks.

Commenting on the partnership, James Cunningham, CEO & co-founder of Core to Cloud, stated, "We are thrilled to partner with Panorays to bring a more robust third-party risk management solution to our clients. In today's dynamic threat landscape, understanding and mitigating the risks posed by third-party vendors is paramount. This partnership offers a comprehensive and proactive approach to managing these risks."

Typically, businesses have extensive supply chains, with various vendors extended across a vast network, so security teams are looking for better ways to minimise supply chain risk. This is where Core to Cloud’s partnership with Panorays comes into play. Panorays’ innovative platform provides businesses unparalleled visibility into their supply chain, allowing them to identify potential vulnerabilities and take proactive measures to safeguard their operations.

One of the key features of this partnership is integrating Panorays’ cutting-edge risk assessment tools with Core to Cloud's expertise in cybersecurity. By combining Panorays' advanced technology with Core to Cloud's deep understanding of cybersecurity threats, businesses can conduct thorough vendor risk assessments efficiently and accurately. This integration ensures that companies can make informed decisions to protect their digital assets and maintain the trust of their customers.

“We’re excited to help elevate Core to Cloud’s cybersecurity position with our robust third-party risk management solution, said Matt Pearson, Director of EMEA Channels from Panorays. “We’ll work hand-in-hand with the team to ensure we’re providing a comprehensive strategy to ensure its extensive supply chains of vendors meet the company’s security criteria to ensure there are no vulnerabilities.”

Moreover, Core to Cloud and Panorays are committed to ongoing collaboration and continuous improvement. As cybersecurity threats evolve, so do the strategies and tools to counter them. This partnership is not just a one-time solution; it represents an ongoing commitment to enhancing the cybersecurity landscape for businesses of all sizes. Core to Cloud and Panorays will continue to work together to develop new features, refine existing tools, and provide unparalleled support to their clients. ​

Core to Cloud's partnership with Panorays signifies a major step forward in cybersecurity. By combining expertise, technology, and a shared commitment to excellence, the two companies are paving the way for businesses to navigate the complex digital landscape confidently. Together, they empower businesses to protect their supply chains, mitigate risks, and uphold the highest cybersecurity standards.

For more information on Core to Cloud's latest service, please check out our Third-Party Risk Management service here:

About Core to Cloud

Core to Cloud is a leading provider of cybersecurity services and solutions dedicated to helping businesses stay ahead of the ever-changing cybersecurity threat landscape. With a team of experienced professionals and a comprehensive range of services, Core to Cloud empowers enterprises to build robust cybersecurity defences, protect their digital assets, and maintain the trust of their customers.

Now supporting over 150 customers across various sectors, from GFK, FatFace, UCL, and 75+ NHS Trusts, Core to Cloud turns cybersecurity into a competitive advantage, removing the constraints that limit performance while keeping their customers’ most critical infrastructure safe and secure.

In 2022, it was awarded Cyber Security Company of the Year at The Sparkies Award, Growth Business of the Year at the SoGlos Gloucestershire Business Awards, and Co-founder James Cunningham was named as a ‘One to Watch’ in The Times’ LDC Top 50 Most Ambitious Business Leaders list.

About Panorays:

Panorays is a renowned third-party risk management platform that enables businesses to automate identifying, assessing, and mitigating supplier risk. Panorays helps companies make informed decisions, reduce cybersecurity risks, and safeguard their operations by providing unparalleled visibility into the supply chain. Trusted by enterprises worldwide, Panorays is at the forefront of revolutionising how businesses manage third-party risks.

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