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All businesses are digital businesses, to varying extents. Whether you have an email address or a fully-fledged eCommerce platform, you have an IT presence that allows you to communicate, collaborate, and conduct business anywhere, at any time.

The problem? The more internet-exposed assets you use, the more vulnerable you are to cyberattacks. Now that remote working has been normalised, it’s never been more important to protect your remotely accessible entry points. As you expand your organisation’s capacity for WFH, it’s time to use best practices to secure your attack surface.

CyCognito is a game-changer when it comes to identifying and eliminating critical IT security risks within an organisation. We’ve partnered with CyCognito because adopting attack surface management is key to reducing risk exposure while aiding digital transformation.

What is CyCognito?

CyCognito is an external attack surface management platform. Simply put, it puts you at an advantage over potential attackers. It discovers previously unknown or undetected assets, prioritises risks and speeds up remediation.

Using nation-state grade technology, CyCognito exposes hidden security gaps across all systems and assets.

These include:

  • On-premises
  • Cloud
  • Subsidiaries
  • Investments
  • Partners

The figures speak for themselves. CyCognito helps organisations identify 30 to 300% more assets than they knew existed prior to using the platform.

What does CyCognito solve?

How much of your IT infrastructure is vulnerable to an attack? Too often, we don’t know what we don’t know. The extent to which you are open to an attack depends on how much you know about what’s running, what’s connected, and where it is. To fully protect your assets, you have to understand your IT ecosystem, right down to the last connected device. CyCognito exposes these critical blindspots so you’re equipped with a complete view of your attack surface. It identifies every internet-connected asset in your organisation and offers continuous visibility to any changes to your assets.

Why is CyCognito important?

It’s not enough to rely on an IT team to deal with attacks if and when they happen. Cyberattacks are getting increasingly sophisticated and organisations must have solid preventative measures in place to protect their most critical corporate assets. CyCognito cited an example of an international bank with a security weak spot that exposed bank communications. The weak spot was found in a device connected to the bank by a third-party partner and went undetected despite the fact that the bank had recently conducted a two-month black-box pen test. CyCognito revealed that the asset was part of the bank’s IT ecosystem and identified the critical exposure almost immediately.
If you have any questions about how CyCognito could work for your organisation, one of our friendly experts would be more than happy to discuss the platform in more detail. Get in touch here. 

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