Let’s Bust Some Jargon: Core to Cloud Style!

Words, words everywhere…. Big words, smaller words, acronyms, and words that would gain you a high score on a Scrabble board. The cyber security world is full of them, and often different software vendors, platforms or IT professionals may use different ones to mean the same thing, or the same one to mean different things.

Can you see where it begins to become confusing?

We have had enough at Core to Cloud, we want to demystify cyber security, and one of the ways we can do that is by ensuring that we are all speaking the same language. This is the start of our jargon-busting dictionary that we will continue to grow to ensure that there is no confusion!

Cyber Security

Cyber security in terms of digital protection is like a superhero team. Just as superheroes come together to protect the city from villains, cyber security professionals work to protect computer systems, networks, and data from malicious actors. Just like each superhero has unique powers and skills, cyber security involves a variety of technical and non-technical measures to prevent and mitigate attacks. The goal is to keep the digital world safe, secure, and free from harm.


Authentication in cyber security is like a bouncer checking IDs at a club. Just like the bouncer verifies the identity of those entering to make sure they're allowed in; authentication confirms the identity of users trying to access a computer system or information to make sure they're authorised. It ensures that only the right people get in and keeps the club (or information) secure.

Data Breach

A data breach in cyber security is like a bank robbery. Just as a thief breaking into a bank tries to steal money and valuables, a hacker breaking into a computer system tries to steal sensitive information like personal data, passwords, and financial information. Just like a bank robbery can cause chaos and damage, a data breach can harm individuals and organisations by exposing sensitive information to malicious actors.

Man In The Middle Attack

In a man-in-the-middle attack, an attacker intercepts and alters communications between two parties without their knowledge. Due to this, the message can then be changed (almost like Chinese whispers), the attacker can change or steal sensitive information being transmitted between the two parties.


Ransomware in cyber security is like a kidnapping. Just as a kidnapper takes someone captive and demands a ransom for their release, ransomware takes control of a computer system and demands payment in exchange for releasing the system and its files.


The cloud in terms of computing is like a giant storage unit. Just as you would rent a storage unit to keep your things safe and accessible from anywhere, the cloud is a network of remote servers that store, process, and manage data for you, accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. Just like you would trust a storage company to keep your things secure, you entrust cloud service providers to keep your data secure through various security measures.


DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) in cyber security is like a stampede of people rushing a building. Just as a stampede of people can overwhelm a building and cause it to shut down, a DDOS attack involves a flood of traffic from multiple sources aimed at overwhelming a website or network, causing it to become unavailable to its users.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) in terms of technology is like a neighbourhood full of smart homes. Just as smart homes have devices that can communicate and work together, the IoT involves connecting everyday devices, appliances, and sensors to the internet, allowing them to collect and exchange data.

We are going to stop there as we could go on and on, but we will update our list and add to it.

By ensuring that we are all talking about the same thing in the same way cyber security becomes more understandable and easier to implement and that is part of our vision. To support you to fortify your security defences in the most innovative way.

Do you want to hear more from us at Core to Cloud? Of course, you do!

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