Make A Resolution That Will Last….

At Core to Cloud we want you to join us in making a New Year resolution that we will all stick to this year and hold each other accountable to…

We want you to make Cybersecurity your business in 2023 (and beyond of course!)

Cyber-attacks and the increase in cyber threats are compounding year after year. The UK has one of the highest rates of victims within these types of attacks, closely followed by the USA.  We need to do better to ensure the protection of organisations and individuals, don’t you agree?

Organisations have limited knowledge or plan regarding his type of attack, and some don’t even have it at the forefront of their IT security processes. This seems strange as it is common knowledge that cyber security threats are becoming more enhanced and complex, leaving out core assets and data in peril.

Here are our top 5 cybersecurity resolutions for this year

  1. Keep an eye on our services

Our core mission at Core to Cloud revolves around finding innovative security solutions that put you first. The bespoke solutions we offer are designed to keep you and your data safe from these ever-emerging threats. You can discover more about them on our website, podcasts, magazine and our events!

  1. Passwords, Passwords, Passwords…

Yes, we are going to go there. Passwords need to be updated regularly and they need to be secure. Weak passwords are a huge security threat and what you might not realise is that cybercriminals are aware of the thought processes we go through to create our own passwords.

A great option is to use a password management tool to create unique and strong passwords that can be stored directly within that piece of software.

  1. Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

You may already be aware of what this is, but MFA is integral to your cyber security success. It can protect against phishing, key loggers, credential stuffing and brute force attacks. When you add this to your cyber security toolkit you are limiting the access of different systems or software, minimising the possibility of a breach or a successful threat.

MFA requires you to add layers of authentication against your systems or processes which makes it harder and harder for a cybercriminal to gain access to your core data and assets.

  1. Stay up to date

This is one of the simplest ways to fortify your cyber security. When you ensure that you have the most up-to-date operating system or version of the software you use you can lower the potential for a successful breach.

Older or out-of-date software stops being supported, creating chasms of opportunity for a cybercriminal to exploit and gain access to your network.

  1. Don’t go phishing

Phishing is a way for a cybercriminal to prey on human error…. It may be an email or message that just doesn’t seem quite legit. These attacks occur most frequently when we are tired, busy or may not pay close enough attention to that slightly strange email or link. So stay alert, and if something doesn’t seem right it probably needs to be ignored.

Are you ready to join us in our cybersecurity resolutions?

Ensure that you stay protected from cyber threats this year by following some (all if possible!) of our simple resolutions.

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