Test and then test some more. Security Validation

In this episode, we are delighted that Shak has returned to our podcast but this time we are not in the castle. Shak will be discussing on why automating security validation is so important in 2022 and why his favourite word when hosting an event with us is TEST!

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  • Welcome Shak back to the podcast
  • Since we saw him last was at our Ransomware Event – Key theme validation
  • Problems with lag and backlog of manual tasks
  • Threats are increasing but the resources and teams have constraints
  • How can automation help this
  • How can validation support business cases and identifying the gaps clearly
  • Risks can no longer be prioritised on just a CVSS score
  • How Pentera is now looking outside the core and out at the surface
  • How has the attack landscape evolved
  • How is Pentera evolving to support their customers

Host: Phil Howe & Kelly Allen

Guest Speaker: Shak Ahmed

Sponsor: Pentera

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