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In our digital world, it’s no longer a question of ‘who has an online presence?’ but ‘who doesn’t?’

Almost every business uses a public online platform - be it a website, social media profile, official app or more - to interact and connect with loyal customers.

The problem? These platforms are being exploited and mimicked by attackers and fraudsters, causing untold damage across an ungoverned public attack surface. With great ease, attackers can spoof your site, create fake social media profiles, siphon revenue, and destroy customer trust.

By copying the logo, trademarks, name and visual likeness of a brand, impersonators can trick customers into providing personal data or sending money. The buying and selling of counterfeit game tickets, for example, is a common issue for football clubs and sports teams.

The problem is getting worse. With more and more digital platforms coming onto the scene, digital risks are on the rise. From frauds and scams to phishing attempts and credential theft, security teams need to be armed with the right tools to fight back.

ZeroFox safeguards organisations from digital threats across all publicly available platforms. It’s purpose-built to identify and remove impersonating accounts, websites, emails and phone numbers.

Thanks to advanced email protection, it secures your organisation against account takeover, fake accounts and scams, in which attackers replicate brand logos, messaging and product photos to defraud customers.

Crucially, ZeroFox has been hailed as a game-changer for sports organisations. Sports teams and brands have a huge online footprint and it’s commonplace for official social media accounts to have thousands, if not millions, of followers.

With vast online communities to serve and prestigious reputations to uphold, it’s vital that sports organisations have measures in place to protect against reputational damage, fraud, impersonation, physical threats, and more.

These might include:

    • Online impersonation of a player, club or CEO
    • Selling counterfeit goods such as merchandise and team shirts
    • Unauthorized selling of legitimate trademarked goods
    • Cyber threats across social media/mobile apps/forums/marketplaces/domains and more
    • Trolls smearing your organisation or threatening players and executives

Sports teams have devoted and trusting fan bases and attackers are all too willing to take advantage of that allegiance. Scams, such as selling counterfeit tickets and merchandise, can be extremely convincing, leading fans to hand over their data and cash without a second thought.

Thanks to ZeroFox, your reputation and fans are in safe hands. Working with major teams and players’ associations across various sports around the world, it’s clamping down on digital reputational risks, every single day.

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