Safeguarding What Matters Most: Healthcare Cybersecurity The Cylera x Extreme Networks Integration

Cyberattacks are no longer the reserve of individual hackers; they can be highly sophisticated, malicious, or even state-controlled. Whether it’s stealing and deleting patient data or hacking IoT medical devices, cyberattacks need to be viewed as a threat to patient care, safety, and confidentiality  – not just an IT issue.

Cybersecurity awareness and reliable IT infrastructure must be prioritised and woven into the structural fabric of a hospital. Given their essential role to the population, hospitals simply cannot afford to be vulnerable to attacks. The public must know that their safety and data are in safe hands.

The Cylera x Extreme Networks integration is a game-changing solution that allows hospitals to keep medical devices cyber safe and operational. 

About Extreme Networks 

Extreme Networks is a secure cloud management platform. It delivers flexible and secure cloud-driven networking solutions to advance its customers’ digital transformation. Offering a totally streamlined and seamless process, it simplifies onboarding, configuration, monitoring, managing, troubleshooting, alerting and reporting for network infrastructure devices.

About Cylera 

Cylera has built a next-gen healthcare IoT (HIoT) cybersecurity and intelligence platform. The groundbreaking technology has been specifically created for hospitals,  which separates it from every other IoT security company in the world.

The Challenge 

Network Admission Control (NAC) solutions are integral in ensuring that only authorised users and devices are granted access to network resources. However, in healthcare and clinical settings, they lack the depth of insight and context needed to fully identify all connected IoT and clinical medical devices (IoMT). 

This means that they can fail to appropriately enforce protective security policies for users and device access control. 

Many IoT and IoMT devices are not designed to be network-managed. As unmanaged devices, NAC systems have extremely limited visibility into the necessary details needed to prompt appropriate protective action.  

What’s more, NAC systems cannot verify these types of devices’ software, firmware, and other details necessary to accurately grant access and enforce clinical security policies. 

Although NAC solutions can enable preventative protection, and enforce efficient authorisation and segmentation policies, they require more thorough details and signals as to why and under what clinical circumstances action should be taken. This requires behavioural analytics, baseline device profiling, and a comprehensive understanding of clinical requirements. 

Cylera’s integration capabilities ensure access is granted to the right users at the right times, which protects healthcare networks and ensures the highest level of patient care.

(Source: Cylera Solution Brief)

The Cylera x Extreme Networks Integration 

The Cylera x Extreme Networks integration is a resourceful and clinically-

aware way to discover and protect IoT and medical devices against unauthorised access, while keeping Extreme Networks NAC fully abreast of connected IoT and medical devices within the healthcare ecosystem. 

Cylera’s sensor comes pre-loaded and ready for implementation, without the need for professional IT services or additional licence fees. This is standard within the product integrations maintained by Cylera. 

Key benefits of the integrated solution include: 

  • Seamless integration set up in minutes
  • Maximise existing Extreme Networks IT investments
  • Faster response for Extreme NAC Appliances to control and limit access when issues arise
  • "Zero-Touch," connected IoT and medical device inventory and risk profiling
  • Awarded AHA Preferred Cybersecurity Provider
  • No operational or patient disruption
  • Requires no professional services on the backend to deliver a seamless experience
  • Achieves full visibility across the whole healthcare enterprise 

In our digital world, patient care goes far beyond treatment. Cybersecurity in the health field is particularly important due to the type of information at risk and the consequences for patient safety and confidentiality.

For more information about the Cylera x Extreme Networks integration, contact our expert team, who’d be happy to talk about the technology in more detail. 









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