The Cyber Games: May Cyber Security Be Ever in Your Favour

Welcome, esteemed tributes of the corporate arena, to the Cyber Games of Black Friday! As you embark on this perilous journey into the digital realm, may the firewalls be ever in your favour.

In the bustling districts of commerce, Black Friday is our Capitol, a grand spectacle where consumers flock like tributes to the Cornucopia, seeking treasures and bargains. Yet, just like in the Hunger Games, danger lurks in unexpected corners. Cyber adversaries, akin to cunning tributes from District Thirteen, plot and scheme to exploit vulnerabilities in our digital defences.

In this grand arena of commerce, every transaction is a battle, and every click a potential trap. The odds are never in your favour unless you arm yourselves with the knowledge and tools to fend off the cyber criminals that seek to breach your firewalls and infiltrate your systems.

But, in all honesty, this time of year has always been a considerable issue for many organisations that attempt to balance customer increase and cyber security. It is an amazing time of the year that presents many opportunities for growth that are burdened by the increased strain on our cyber security infrastructure and processes.


Phishing attacks tend to surge during Black Friday for several reasons:

Increased Online Activity

Black Friday and the holiday shopping season see a significant increase in online shopping and financial transactions. Cybercriminals take advantage of this surge in online activity to target a larger pool of potential victims.

Urgency and Impulse Buying

Black Friday sales create a sense of urgency and encourage impulsive purchases. Phishers exploit this urgency by sending convincing phishing emails or messages that pressure recipients to act quickly, enticing them with limited-time offers or exclusive deals.

Economic Gain

Cybercriminals are motivated by financial gain. Black Friday is a lucrative time for them to deploy phishing attacks, aiming to steal financial information, login credentials, credit card details, or personal information that can be used for fraudulent activities.

Increased Email Volume

Retailers and businesses send out a high volume of emails to inform customers about Black Friday deals and promotions. This creates a perfect camouflage for phishing emails, as recipients may not scrutinise each email's authenticity thoroughly.

What do we need to watch out for from an organisational point of view?

A phishing attack during Black Friday for an organisation can take various forms:

Spoofed Retailer Emails: Phishers may impersonate well-known retailers, sending emails that mimic official communication regarding Black Friday deals.

  • Fake Promotions and Discounts: Phishers create fake promotions or discounts via email, enticing recipients to click on links that lead to phishing websites designed to steal login credentials or financial information.


  • Gift Card Scams: Phishing emails may pose as gift card giveaways or promotions, encouraging recipients to provide personal information or make payments to claim the supposed gift card.


  • Malicious Attachments: Phishing emails may contain attachments disguised as order confirmations, invoices, or shipping details related to Black Friday purchases.


  • Fake Black Friday Websites: Cybercriminals create fake websites that closely resemble legitimate retailer websites, tricking users into entering personal and financial information.

At Core to Cloud, we want to ensure that you and your key assets remain safe and secure during these time periods of increased traffic and raised cyber security activity. Within our portfolio of amazing cyber security platforms and tools we aim to ensure we can offer a tailored solution to your organisation's unique landscape and requirements.


Let’s highlight Abnormal

Abnormal Security is a cybersecurity platform that helps protect organisations from email-based threats. Imagine it as a virtual security guard for your emails. It uses advanced technology and machine learning to analyse and detect suspicious or malicious activities within emails. If an email looks fishy—like a phishing attempt or a scam—Abnormal Security flags it for your attention.

It spots things that humans might miss, keeping your inbox safer. It's like having a super-smart filter for your email, making sure only the good stuff gets through and the bad stuff is caught and stopped in its tracks. Ultimately, it helps prevent cyber-attacks, safeguarding your organisation's sensitive information and maintaining a secure digital environment.

Abnormal Security helps defend against Black Friday scams by identifying and blocking phishing emails. It uses advanced technology to spot suspicious signs, protecting users from clicking on fraudulent links or giving away personal information, ultimately ensuring a safer shopping experience during Black Friday and beyond.


What about Censornet?

Censornet is a cybersecurity platform that focuses on ensuring safe and secure online experiences for individuals and organisations. Think of it as a digital guardian that keeps watch over your internet activities. It offers a suite of services that help protect against cyber threats, filter out harmful content, and manage user access to various online resources.

At its core, Censornet provides tools to safeguard against cyber attacks like phishing, malware, and data breaches. It uses advanced techniques to detect and block these threats in real-time, keeping your data and devices secure. Additionally, Censornet enables content filtering, allowing control over what can be accessed online, making it ideal for parental controls or regulating workplace internet usage. These features make it a great tool for these times of the year, such as Black Friday.

It also facilitates secure access management, ensuring only authorised users can reach sensitive information. This is crucial for protecting confidential data and maintaining compliance with privacy regulations. Censornet's approach is like having a virtual security guard, offering comprehensive protection in the ever-evolving landscape of digital threats.

In the grand arena of Black Friday, where consumerism and commerce collide, the dangers of phishing attacks loom ever larger. Cyber tributes, lurking in the shadows of deceit, leverage the excitement and urgency of this retail extravaganza to exploit the unwary. The surge in online activity, coupled with the irresistible allure of discounts, forms the perfect storm for phishing attempts.

Organisations must not underestimate the cunning of these digital adversaries. Vigilance, education, and robust cybersecurity measures are the shields and armour needed to navigate this perilous landscape. If you would like to discuss this with us at Core to Cloud, or have any worries about your current cyber security plan for these intense retail periods then please get in touch with us Here, one of our team is waiting to connect with you.

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