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To those that are new to our communities or networks – Hi! How are you? And to those that have been with us from day one – let’s recap what we are up to!

We are a progressive, innovative, and passionate bespoke cybersecurity solution, and we are incredibly proud of the impact that we make on the clients that we support. We provide consultancy and technical support for the planning and implementation of sustainable security strategies. The key here is sustainability, we want to make keeping your key assets and data safe as simple as possible. We embrace innovation, future-proofing your IT foundations by securing the problems that keep you up at night.

You must have heard the story by now…

In October of 2015, James and Mark met for a drink. During the evening, as the lights lowered and the lanyards were removed, talk naturally turned to work. As they chatted away about security, data breaches and how IT lacked that personal customer service – they realised something.

… they could do it better, and they did.

Core to Cloud was born.

Who do we help?

You may have noticed our presence within the Healthcare sector. It was where our initial focus fell, and a sector we are making a huge impact within. Our whole mantra for this sector is that while you are keeping your patients safe, we are keeping your core assets and data safe.

We also teamed up with some amazingly innovative cybersecurity and data security vendors and created solutions that are focused on the infrastructure within this sector.

The pandemic also showed us that we needed to give more emphasis and support to this sector. As this sector evolves its IT landscape and adds even more devices to IoT systems it was time this sector got a dedicated support option, and that is where we stepped in.

If data is accessed, it then becomes a huge problem, especially when patient safety is concerned. Confidentiality, the purity of data and questions regarding its authenticity not only disrupt healthcare but also could put patients' lives at risk. As the healthcare sector advances its technology, it needs to have the best cybersecurity protocols and systems in place to ensure its safety.

If you want to know more about what we have achieved within this sector you can discover more here:

What is next?

Cyber security issues, implementation and understanding are not just the healthcare sector's problem. Cyber security should be on the agenda for all sectors, as a breach, threat or attack can cause irreversible damage to organisations and the future of those businesses.

All sectors have important data, assets and information that needs to be protected, and that is where we can help. We want to support more and more sectors to be safe and secure against the increasing threats that are on the horizon.

As you read this, we are making our own path within the Education sector for example, and we thought it was about time we let you in on our vision for our future. We pride ourselves on being a different and unique option to ensure your organisation's safety. Our team is built from the experience of leading individuals within many sectors such as healthcare and finance, and it is time for you to know that we are ready to support all organisations regardless of their sector.

Why do we want to support more sectors?

Simply it is because cyber security is a problem for all of us, and we all need to recognise our role in ensuring our key assets and data remain safe and secure. This is also why all of Our key vendors are aligned to our 4 key pillars (Visibility, Validation, Governance & Control, and Automated Response) offering the most ground-breaking and sophisticated cybersecurity solutions on the market.

We know we can support more organisations to stay safe, and we are ready for that journey. If you are wondering how we can support you and your organisation to fortify and clearly understand your cyber security options then don’t hesitate to get in touch, one of our team is waiting to hear from you.

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