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The last few years have seen an influx of new technologies being used in healthcare. With this digital evolution comes a wealth of opportunities for advancement, from the development of medical technology to care provision.

However, as our reliance on data and technology grows, so do cyberattacks. In recent years, the number and severity of cyberattacks against healthcare systems and hospitals have increased exponentially.

The 2017 WannaCry ransomware hack starkly highlighted the vulnerability of the NHS. Eighty of the 236 NHS trusts were either infected or shut down their systems as a precaution, staff were unable to access patient information, and thousands of appointments and surgeries were cancelled.

The NHS was inadequately prepared to respond to the crisis, posing urgent questions about the effectiveness of its cybersecurity systems.

Platforms like Cylera are transforming the cybersecurity landscape in healthcare. ‘Built with hospitals, for hospitals’, the platform solves the complex technological and operational cybersecurity challenges that hospitals face.

We’ve partnered with Cylera because we believe that medical device security is essential to the delivery of quality care.

Why Cylera

Cyberattacks are no longer the reserve of individual hackers; they can be highly sophisticated, malicious, or even state-controlled. Whether it’s stealing and deleting patient data or hacking IoT medical devices, cyberattacks need to be viewed as a threat to patient care, safety, and confidentiality  - not just an IT issue.

Cybersecurity awareness and reliable IT infrastructure must be prioritised and woven into the structural fabric of a hospital. Given their essential role to the population, hospitals simply cannot afford to be vulnerable to attacks. The public must know that their safety and data are in safe hands.

Cylera has built a next-gen healthcare IoT (HIoT) cybersecurity and intelligence platform. The groundbreaking technology has been specifically created for hospitals,  which separates it from every other IoT security company in the world.

  • Cylera delivers visibility, insights, and protection for all connected medical devices - both managed and unmanaged.
  • It passively delivers real-time inventory, risk and vulnerability analysis, risk mitigation and segmentation, threat detection and response, and device utilization and analytics.
  • It leverages existing IT and security tools to share data, alerts, and actions for incident response, IT operations, and other workflows.
  • Powered by artificial intelligence, Cylera has a comprehensive understanding of device protocols, behaviours, and research.
  • MedCommand™ is unified through a central management console to streamline operations and provide value across multiple sites and teams

In our digital world, patient care goes far beyond treatment. Cybersecurity in the health field is particularly important due to the type of information at risk and the consequences for patient safety and confidentiality.

For more information, check out our Cylera page here.

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