Let’s Demo Abnormal Security Together

What is Abnormal? 

No, we aren’t being philosophical here or looking for a deep and meaningful answer. 

Abnormal is an AI-based cloud email security platform that “protects the modern workforce against the full spectrum of attacks”. Its API-based solution directly integrates with your organization’s cloud-based email platform. Once integrated it then scans and can detect and block anomalous behaviours that highlight a breach or attack. 

Last year over 91% of UK organizations were compromised and targeted by an email phishing attack according to Proofpoint’s 2022 State of Phish report. This is an overwhelmingly high number and shows the importance of Cloud Email Security. 

Why Abnormal? 

It knows when you aren’t being good… Abnormal profiles known good behaviour within your email and analyses over 45,000 signals to detect anomalies that deviate from normal actions. It understands your normal, allowing it to act quickly when things change keeping you and your organisation safe. 

Its seamless integration ensures there is no disruption to your organisation’s mail flow, it then automatically profiles your workforce to establish the baselines it needs to protect your organisation quickly. 

Vendors within your ecosystem all pose a threat to your email cloud systems. Abnormal automatically identifies all vendors and understands their individual risk levels. This means that Abnormal will know when an email should be more scrutinised for malicious activity giving you a higher level of protection within your organisation. 

The user interface of Abnormal is also seamless and brings together and automates all the necessary reports and processes into one area. This allows your team to be able to quickly contain any issues that are reported. Alongside this the improved end user experience really understands the user’s preferences, allowing your email to end up where you want it to be, and giving users an immersive email experience. 

Effective, Simple and Powerful. What more could you want? 

Core to Cloud is the only UK partner that can demo Abnormal Security. Yes, you read that right. This means that our customers don’t have to be stalled or delayed by trying to manage the time difference between the UK and the US (as Abnormal is based in America). 

We can support our UK customer’s journey with Abnormal from start to finish. This journey begins with a demo highlighting the features of this cloud-based security platform, then proof of concept and finally deployment and providing all aftercare. 

Why is this beneficial? 

We have a thorough understanding of the Abnormal solution which allows us to react quickly to issues raised by our customers. Our UK customers also gain the opportunity to be supported by two amazing teams. 

The Core to Cloud team is there waiting to help during GMT times, and the Abnormal team will be available through the evening giving you 24/7 support. As the saying goes, two heads are better than one, and in this case, two dedicated teams are available to resolve any issues that may arise. 


Things can also change quickly within any organisation, and we are able to help support you with those changing environments. This may be additional configuration, mergers, acquisitions and integrations for example. 


If you have got any questions or want to learn more about Abnormal, click here: Abnormal Cloud Email Security Protection – Prevent Phishing and BEC – Core To Cloud 


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