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Email threats are growing in their frequency and complexity. Every day, millions of new phishing attacks are created and sent. Due to their increasing sophistication, thousands of phishing emails are still landing in the inboxes of their desired targets, resulting in billions of dollars in collective annual losses.

Now that remote working has become normalised, email security has never been more urgent. From sole traders to large corporations, businesses of all sizes need to protect their inboxes from disruptive and costly threats.

About Ironscales

Ironscales is a game-changer when it comes to defending any and all phishing attacks. It combines the power of both artificial and human intelligence to deliver easy, fast-acting email security solutions for organisations.

A self-learning platform, Ironscales installs in minutes and works alongside existing tools and processes, saving you considerable time and money. Not only does it protect your computer, the technology can also be used to protect your mobile phone, giving you full peace of mind to work and communicate any time, anywhere.

Why You Need Mailbox Level Protection

In today’s ever-changing threat landscape, the SEG (Security Gateway software) continues to play an important role. However, protecting the perimeter – even with relatively competent anti-phishing capabilities – is no longer enough. The SEG should be bolstered with another layer of endpoint protection inside the mailbox itself. It only takes one rogue phishing email to slip through the cracks and cause enormous damage.

  • SEGs will never stop all phishing emails.
  • SEGs have very limited post-email delivery detection and response
  • Standard-based protocols aren’t enough to protect you against all domain name impersonations

What does Ironscales include?

Ironscales offers many valuable features that organisations and security professionals alike have praised. At Core to Cloud, we’re also using this technology in-house!

  • Comprehensive protection against all forms of phishing before, during and after incidents.
  • AI-enabled tools and approach.
  • Focus on phishing (vs SEG)
  • Cloud-based solutions
  • Works inside email platform security capabilities (Office365, GSuite)


What makes Ironscales unique?


  • Security at the inbox. Reverse-engineered mailbox-level security detects attacks where other technologies cannot.
  • More intelligent automation. Fully automated incident response saves analysis and fixing time and increases accuracy.
  • Speed and simplicity. The speed and ease of the technology has been praised versus both ‘traditional’ and emerging products.
  • Global collaboration. Hunt phishing threats proactively using real-teams in real-time through global security collaboration

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